trio organico



Three multi-instrumentalist musicians captivated by many-facetted sonorities invite you to share their passion for the musics of Latin America. As their name implies, TriOrganico take a delight in adapting the most unexpected items taken from nature and turning them into musical instruments. The shells of armadillos and tortoises, dried chrysalises, seashells, seeds from fruit, beeswax and a variety of horns will vibrate and give birth to music in the hands of these most talented musicians ... Overflowing with stories and references to traditional rituals and dances, TriOrganico’s show offers us compositions that are basically festive and call to mind the wealth of a continent about which these musicians feel passionate.

  •  Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles, compositie : composition, stringed, wind and percussion instruments, vocals
  •  Juan-Carlos Bonifaz : marimba, percussion
  •  Patricia Hernandez Van Cauwenberge : percussion and wind instruments, dance